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Model work

April 6, 2016

Recently, a very fashionable to be a model. Today more appreciate the unspoiled beauty, charm, erotic radiation. The advertising business is growing and the demand on models daily are increasing.

May be to be being a model sounds very prestigious and difficult. At some point it was just a dream for many people since childhood and in particular many girls. Here are working very strongly rooted stereotypes - few men have the courage to express such a wish, as we  difficult connecting with mainstream notions of masculine behavior. But quite wrong ideas we can have on the role of Models that are associated not only with gender, but with most aspects of practice.

The model is the human with whom the photographer can create a joint product - image ilustating the creative idea. This is a sufficient criterion - who may enter into such a role, whether it comes to the fashion sphere, advertising or wholly artwork. The specified requirements depend on the specific task - may be the faces of old men , covered with numerous sharp wrinkles or  important may be the sense of depth to the eyes of the model. According specific idea , who the photographer wants to achieve. The photomodel must be the reincarnation of the image from the mind of the photographer. To perform roles , the model must be able to be someone else, to be able to overcome your ego - also as an actor. The photomodel is the one who gives on the photographer the opportunity to recreate their vision in real photographic product. Not everyone is suitable for everything and there is nothing wrong. It's good when you can log in at least one archetype. Skills important for this practice are - ability to concentrate, for fulfill the instructions  ,for coordination of movements , for express the presemotions, for improvisation. In this sense, the advantage is precisely acting skills, whether they are trained or innate. Important is the model is convincing enough in a few moments. The qualities that you must have are physical and mental enduranc. Also endurance to conditions of discomfort. Because they usually are necessary. From then on, everything is a matter of personal choice, ambition and dedication - diets, workouts, etc. They are very important for professional actors and photo models who want to be able to perform more diverse and sought after roles.


 Building trust and establishing rapport between photographer and photo models are key to their successful work. In the end ... let's not forget that the formalities is nice to be familiar, respected and well we can apply them when needed. However, this should not detract from our enjoyment of the work.